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This blog is a platform of learning for everyone related to this fraternity. It will be updated by the A+D team as they learn new things and make them available as useful resource for the reader. We hope you find our articles useful.

Amar Architecture and designs pvt. ltd.

Amar A+D is an architectural and design firm providing  total infrastructure design solutions. With high end technology and software we facilitate our design team in achieving the best of creative designs. So say’s our motto:

passion to design

In collaboration with outstanding professional sub-consulting firms we even deliver turnkey solutions ensuring that any concept proposed initially be realized to its best.The architectural and design team is continuously groomed under the disciplines of resource planning and project management and is provided with enough cross exposure ranging from product design to large scale constructions. Amar Group is committed to innovation and design excellence. Every project undertaken is looked upon by us as an opportunity to create better professionals at Amar A+D and successful clients around the world.